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We are pleased to announce a new novella, in a new format!  Now ready for your reading pleasure. Click through on the photo for more information and to order!

  A Jack/Daniel novella in ebook format by PhoenixE

  ebook $5 US 


ebook package Printer friendly PDF, epub and mobi files

Novella 98 pages
single column
33,875 words
12 pt Book Antiqua font


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A second compendium of Jack and Daniel Stories by PhoenixE

CD-Zine $12.00 US  | eBook Download $8.00 US


Novel package: Word 2003 and PDF formats, plus  Economical print version with full content but condensed format also supplied in both Word and PDF formats.

278 pages, 93,628 words, 12pt Book Antiqua font.


Hi, my name is Phoenix Emrys and I'm a writer.  I'm also, it could be argued, a few fries short of a Happy Meal.  Anyway, with that thought firmly in place, I've been toying with the idea of getting into the zine publishing business for a couple of years now, after a few people asked me when I was going to write a novel and also kindly informed me they'd pay for something with my name on it.  Nice to know, but as I  didn't have what it would have taken to float the printing costs,  embarking into self publishing didn't seem either achievable or even remotely feasible.   It was a notion I regretfully shelved.

However, it wouldn't quite go away and I kept thinking about it,  and eventually all that thinking resulted in an idea.  A way I could indeed, actualize my ambitions and produce a product which, while it is isn't exactly what first comes to mind when you think of a 'zine' -  I'm hoping, once you see the inherent  advantages in  the format, particularly price break wise, you'll embrace this new zine concept as readily.   What the hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?


I'm so glad you asked!  Basically, I'm talking a zine on a CD.  A zine with all the content you expect, text and graphics, formatted to be printer ready, burned on a CD and shipped to you in a lovely little, inexpensive package.  Leaving you the option to enjoy it as is, and take it with you in the much more portable format or....if you want the hard copy experience, you can print it out and have that as well. Your choice.  And what's really exciting, all of this is going to cost you a fraction of what you'd normally expect when purchasing a zine.  Which I'm hoping will make these zines more accessible for those who want some zine action, but up until now haven't been able to afford them. 

The price you see for each zine in the catalogue, that's the bottom line.  What you see is all you pay, whether you live in North America or Bora Bora.  No extra charge for postage - or bandwidth.  Everything included.

What will you actually be getting?  The zine comes to you on a CD-ROM in a Word file plus a PDF file which can be viewed on PC and MAC via Acrobat Reader, free online.

Believe me, I'm working very, very hard to make sure you'll be extremely happy with what you get.  Not just the stories, but de whole package, the format and the graphics. Lots of pretty, pretty pictures of our lovely boys. 


When placing your order be sure to specify which zine you want and whether you would like it in CD-ROM or via download as an e-Book.

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And thank you very, very much for your order.

Aside from my nervous breakdown, that is...I haven't got a time frame on when I expect to get my upcoming zines finished but they are in the works.

But For The One

An alternate universe novel by PhoenixE.  What really would have happened to the Stargate program if Daniel Jackson had declined Catherine's invitation?  This novel answers that question and explores how everyone's life, especially Jack's is irrevocably changed by finally finding the one they all need. 

Pure of Heart, Book One

Believe it or not I've had a lot of requests for this.  It's an insane undertaking because I'll be working at the story from both ends but then I never claimed to be sane.


If you've made it this far, congratulations and thank you.  And if you are also an artist and/or photo manip whiz and are inclined to share, I'd be thrilled and grateful to be the lucky recipient of your efforts.  Writers are welcome too!   Preferably slash, although  ripping action/ adventure, H/C,  J/D friendship-centric gen...( and by gen, we mean GEN and that means no het or ship) yeah, we can talk.  My only criteria for submissions  - strictly J/D, no character death, no partner betrayal, no cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria....  But other than that...go for it.

New Zine seeking submissions

'Points of Departure #2'

Number One was a great success, so we're looking to do it again!  Looking for contributors to depart with us on yet more Jack and Daniel adventures.  Writers and artists, let your imaginations take flight and if you're interested in submitting to Points of Departure #2, drop me a line!


Shawna Charlynn Burkovich


3 July 1979 - 19 Mar 2006

We love you, Chance, and we miss you.  You'll always be in our hearts.

We're keeping the lights on.

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