A New Zine Experience
(Strictly Stargate SG-1, unabashedly slash, exclusively Jack/Daniel)


Glorious Cover by Brionhet

I decided, for my debut offering, to go back to the very beginnings of my slash roots, because folks have been suggesting I give this series the 'zine' treatment for a long time, and also I'm trying to use  reconnecting with this series and these characters to get back into the flow of - the story which shall not be named.

This Special Edition of the Doppelganger Series will contain all six stories in the original series, all rewritten with some interesting additions, particularly the title story, which has been extensively revised, lengthened and is now, a slash story, complete with a brand new Mayonnaise ending.  Woo Hooo!

And if that's not enough to pique your interest this edition will also include the two bonus stories, Yard Work and Provocation.  While they're not part of the Doppelganger arc per se, they are about the AU Jack and Daniel  and they're kinda cute, so why the heck not.

So that's eight stories all together, all illustrated, all  hopefully improved, this version of the series only available from Yadda Press.

And all for only  $10.00 US,  $15.00 CND.


Eight Stories by PhoenixE

SG-1 returns from an aborted mission and it's business as usual.  Or is it?
Rating NC-17 for the icky torture stuff.

Strange Beloved
The AU SG-1 brings the Doppelganger home.
Rated NC-17

Companion Piece to 'Strange Beloved'.  Daniel's rescue and homecoming from his perspective.
Rated NC-17

Daniel returns to active duty and Jack discovers he has a big problem…
Rating NC-17

Companion piece to 'Distraction'. Daniel's thoughts on the eve of his return to active duty as well as what follows when he goes through the gate
Rating NC-17

Not Forgotten
There are some things even death cannot extinguish.
Rating NC-17

Heated words lead to…heat.
Rating NC-17

Yard Work
Daniel gets hot, Jack gets bothered, the lawn wonders what it did to end up in this mess…
Rating R

Other good stuff:
218 pages, single column, Book Antiqua 12 pt font.  90,610 words.  6.87 MB
Full colour graphics.  And a partridge in a pear tree....

And now:  the excerpt...  From Doppelganger, the first story in the series.

“Why are you telling me this?”  Jack heard himself saying. His voice sounded scared, he was scared.  It was a stupid question, he knew it, he already knew the answer but he couldn't stop himself from asking it anyway.

“You know why,” Daniel whispered, his lips brushing briefly against Jack's ear, making him tremble for an entirely different reason than fear.  “Funny.  All of a sudden, I’m afraid…”

"Daniel - don't -" The words burst out of him.  "There has to be another way - "

"Shhhh," Daniel gently soothed as he rubbed his cheek against Jack's shoulder.  "It's all right.  It's better this way. This universe already has a Daniel Jackson; there's no place for me here, no way for me to live and be what I am.  Believe me, continuing to exist alone, without being able be with the people I.…love…"

Daniel's voice faltered for a minute, and Jack stood, silent in his helpless grief while Daniel buried his face in his jacket and trembled, deeply breathing until he got control of himself once more.

"Wouldn't be any kind of life at all," Daniel finished softly.  "At least, not any kind of life I'd want to live.  Besides," he paused to emit an insincere laugh.  "What's the problem?  It's not like I'm real…  Who'll even miss me?  Or care I even existed, however briefly."

The bands around Jack’s chest were moving up to his throat.  Suddenly he wanted to turn to Daniel, take him in his arms, hold him close, tell him he was wrong, so wrong no one would even know, or care, because it wasn't true, wasn't…wasn't…but he couldn't, couldn't do any of those things because in order to go to Daniel he would have to let go of Danny and he couldn’t…

"I - I would…" was all he was able to squeeze out past the huge lump clogging his throat.

Jack could hear Daniel's smile even though he couldn't see it.

"You would?" he ventured shyly, his stark, unabashed pleasure at receiving a gift he'd obviously never expected nakedly obvious in his voice.  "I - I - " he stammered, fondly patting Jack's shoulder.  "I wouldn't have thought - " Jack felt the hand clench his shoulder tightly, heard Daniel swallow loudly.  "Thank you," he said finally.  "That - that means a lot.  I can do this now."

Jack still couldn't speak as he felt Daniel's head drop to his shoulder for what he knew was the last time. Daniel stayed like that only a few seconds, gripping him tightly, rubbing his face in his jacket and breathing deeply.  Finally, his head came up again, slowly.  A pair of lips brushed feather-light on his cheek.

"That's for him," Daniel's voice sounded close to his ear as he felt a hand cup the side of his face, caress his cheek, and with a gentle, loving pressure turn his face toward…

"And this…this is from me," Daniel whispered, his breath warming Jack's mouth as the words caressed his lips.


Nope, sorry, that's all you get.  You want to see more?


Nope, sorry, that's all you get.  You want to see more?

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