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Cover by Biblio
Let me begin by expressing my gratitude to those of you who've ordered Doppelganger SE and have been kind enough to share with me how much you've enjoyed the zine.  Being as how it's not only the first time I've ever published a zine, but also how new and untried the CDzine format is in this fandom, your words of encouragement and expressions of satisfaction with the finished product are very deeply appreciated.  Thanks a bunch, you guys are great.

Biblio has chosen to publish her stories from the original Jack Daniel Six Packs 1 and 2 and encouraged me to keep mine available to readers by creating a new anthology of my own stories from each of the CDzines to create a Jack Daniel Six Pack Reprise.  Biblio did stop nagging long enough to create a snazzy new cover and disc label for the Reprise.

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Six Stories by PhoenixE

*A Man Most Unfortunate by PhoenixE

Categories:  Established Relationship, Angst, Episode Tag for Point of View
Synopsis:  A kiss witnessed through the quantum mirror convinces Daniel he's holding  Jack back from discovering 'true love'.  Jack determines to convince him otherwise.
Rated NC-17

This story won a Sizzler Fan Fiction Award for the version originally published in 'The Other Side'.


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**Unsuspected by PhoenixE

Categories:  J/D, Angst,  Drama, H/C Established Relationship
Synopsis:  After Daniel is terribly injured in an off-world incident Sam learns something astonishing about the Colonel and the Archaeologist.
Rating: R
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Starry Night by PhoenixE

Categories: First Time, Romance, Humour
Synopsis: A gentle, sensuous, lightly humorous, slightly irreverent (it is Jack's pov, after all) tale of the aftermath of near loss resulting in a revelation under the stars.
Rating NC-17
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Keeper by PhoenixE

            Categories: First Time, Drama, Angst, Hurt Comfort Post Menace, kind of a Meridian Alternative
             Synopsis: Despair drives Daniel to the edge.  Can Jack keep him from taking the final step?
             Rating R

Notes:  I actually started writing this well before Abyss aired but ran up against the proverbial brick wall.  It's been sitting on my hard drive ever since - the story, that is, not the brick wall - in it's partially completed state, but was there for me when I needed to come up with a sixth story to round out the zine.  Sorry about the substitution but sometimes things happen and plans must change.

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Daniel Ex Machina by PhoenixE

Categories: J/D, Drama, Established Relationship, Angst, H/C, Minor Spoilers for Legacy, Maternal Instinct, Crystal Skull
Synopsis: Is Daniel going insane...again?
Rating: R

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Wild Side Series

Missing Link by PhoenixE

Categories: J/D, Drama, First Time, Angst, H/C
Synopsis: A desperate midnight rescue...
Rating: NC-17 for violence

Primal Directive by PhoenixE

Categories: J/D, Drama, First Time, Angst, H/C, Minor Spoilers for 'Need'.
Synopsis: Jack's version of the events of 'Missing Link'.

Rating: NC-17

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Other good Stuff:
Book Antiqua font, 12 point. 244 pages, 80,188 word, 6.4 megs
26 full colour illustrations
The cover and some lovely collages by Biblio, gorgeous manips and story banners by Chance, and yeah, afraid I've thrown one or two things in there as well. Sorry!

* The 'one star' stories were originally published in the zine "The Other Side' and appear here with the kind and gracious permission of  it's publisher, Chance.  As the year isn't up yet she really didn't have to let us, but not only did she say 'go for it' but she' made banners for the stories as well!  It's a great zine, btw, and if you want to find out more  drop her a line at   chance@jacklovesdaniel.com

And now: if you haven't already zipped down and read 'em -  the excepts...



Where is he, why won't he answer me?  I'm totally losing it, I didn't even notice if his clothes are still here or not, but he can't have gone, he didn't have time to - I wasn't out of it that long, at least I don't think -


Found him.

I'm so worried about him and so relieved to see him my first impulse is to leap across the room and hug the crap out him but it's stopped in its tracks, just like me, at the sight of him.

He's buck naked, sitting cross-legged on the floor in the darkness of the living room, all of the details of the room swallowed in shadow except the most important one.  Him.  There's a faint glimmer of moonlight bleeding in through the glass of the door to the deck, just enough to barely dilute the darkness but when it hits him, kisses all that white, receptive, smooth skin making it shine…

He's glowing dreamily, softly gleaming in the darkness, surrounded by a pale halo of fairy light. Like something surreal, a fey creature from another world.  Magical, enchanting.

He's sure cast a spell over me.  And I'm not getting free of it any time soon.  Not that I'm complaining, or anything.  Or putting up much of a fight.

He's holding something in his lap, his head bent down over it.  I can't make it out so I take a step forward.

"It didn't work," his voice sighs out through the stillness, stopping me again.

"Daniel, I'm - I'm sorry," my tongue is fumbling around the words, swelling and clumsy with the emotion clogging my throat.  "I didn't mean to hurt you - "

"Oh - oh no!"  Daniel's head snaps up and I can feel the honest, horrified concern in the eyes devouring me.  "Oh you didn't - not at all.  Nothing like that, Jack," he fervently assures me.  "I - you - you didn't hurt me. I - it was wonderful. You - you were wonderful."

Well, yeah, of course I was. If I do say so myself.

"It just didn't work," he finishes sadly.

Okay, now I'm confused. So what else is new?

I brush it off, kick my butt down the stairs and I'm at his side in an instant, settling down beside him, taking the picture from his hands.

That's what it is, one of the photos from my mantle.  The one of the four of us.  Daniel left our bed after possibly the hottest sex we've ever had and instead of being cuddled up and comfortably comatose in my arms in that same bed he's out here, in the dark, in his birthday suit, staring at a family photo.

His family - the only one he's got.

I reach out to him, put my hand on his shoulder and he stiffens at my touch.  Almost pulls away, not quite, but so close.  He says I didn't hurt him and he's never lied to me but he's also never -

I'm scared again.  Real scared.

"Daniel, what's going on?"

He sighs heavily and slumps, melting into my touch, into me, taking away the taste of fear in my mouth.

"I wanted to stop thinking," he murmurs.  "Stop - " he frowns and hangs his head again.  "Just stop thinking.  But it didn't work.  I can't get her face out of my mind.  She's so sad and I feel so - I wish…  I know how I would feel - if it was me - if I lost - "

I know what's wrong and it kills me he would still think - especially after what we just did - I'd want anyone else, even her, instead of him, that's not the way it is, I have to make him understand  -

"I'm sorry, Jack," he mournfully murmurs.  "I made a mistake.  I can see that now.  I shouldn't have - I'm in the way.  Not me.  It wasn't supposed to be me.  She loves you so much - "

Oh - woah!  Wait a minute!  Back up!  Me?  Not me, pal!  She loved a guy who might have had my face but that's as far as it goes.  Not me! Not no way, no how.  We've got nothing in common other than the fact we started out our lives as Jack O'Neill but after that he went his way and I went mine and I'm not him and - oh holy crap.  Finally buying a clue here.

Take the last train to Schmucksville, O'Neill, once again you missed the boat, not to mention the point.  Hello!  Daniel doesn't think I'm settling for him because I can't have Carter, he thinks I should be with Carter but I can't be.

Because I'm with him.

Of course he does, of course he does.  I've been so stupid - as usual  - Daniel - it's the way he is, what he is, the way he thinks, puts everyone else first - of course he'd see it this way!

And what he's seeing is he's selfishly seduced me from my right and destined path, and every moment he stays with me he's keeping me from knowing true love.

With Carter.

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"Jack," Daniel sighs, "Stop…hovering. It's no big deal.  I've climbed up here dozens of times before."

But never right after you've barely crawled away from death's door.

I didn't say that out loud, did I?  Nope, definitely didn't.  Damned near bit my tongue through holding it inside, but I didn't.

"Ole Doc Fraiser will have my head if she finds out I've let you come out here in the middle of the frigging night," I gruffly scold Daniel as I follow him as closely as I dare while he painfully struggles to negotiate the route to my roof.  The state his illness has left him in, I'm thinking Daniel wouldn't find Everest as much of a challenge right now as the little ladder he's currently struggling to pull himself up.  But being who he is and the fact he's set his mind to doing it - even though he can barely stand he'll haul his ass all the way up to the roof on stubbornness alone.  All on his own, thank you very much.  Colonels need not hover, scold or sweat it. And they'd also better not try to stop him either.

Actually, the way he's clinging to the rungs and gasping I'm surprised he has the energy to spare for bitching - we're only halfway to the top and even he can't ignore the how much this seemingly simple exertion is taking it out of him.

Still, it's just like him to want to - to need to do something like this even though he's still so damned weak he can barely make it to the john without a helping hand. Hell, he's the only man living stubborner than I am.  And that's saying something. He's also no better at being a patient.  Or lying back and doing what's he's told for his own damned good.  Especially if he gets a notion in his head he wants to do something else - whether doing it is in his own best interests or not.

Even though we both know he should be in bed and he really doesn't have the strength yet to be climbing onto roofs Daniel wants to see the stars.  He wants to see the damned stars and the best place for doing that is on my roof, so he's going to make it up this frigging ladder so he can see the frigging stars on my frigging roof, that's the long and the short of it.

Isn't this just like him, dammit!  Only a day and a half out of Fraiser's tender loving care after just barely living through three weeks of a raging fever of alien origins that should have killed him. Probably would have killed anyone else.  Didn't kill him, though, but it's left its mark on him just the same.  It'll be awhile before he's strong enough to even think of going back to work, never mind anything else, and he's still so weak and physically wasted he definitely shouldn't be out of bed never mind doing what he's doing right now.

But he is.

And here's me, so damned grateful he's still alive I can't say no to him even though I know…well, you know… So although I should have put my foot down and not let him get out of bed, guess what, I didn't, so here he is, and here I am standing by with my heart in my mouth as he struggles and sweats, not stopping him.  What's more it's tearing my heart out to see him like this - so damned weak and yet so damned determined - knowing there's no way I can help him - because there' no way he'd let me - make any of it any easier for him.

But you know what, as I hang so close behind him I can almost feel each bead of sweat blossoming on his shining skin I realise this same bone deep stubbornness, the very spirit driving him to doggedly fight his way up to my roof against all the odds and his own infirmity - this 'never say die, never surrender' Jackson grit is what kept him alive all those weeks while the fever burned him alive before our helpless eyes.  The same thing giving him the strength to haul himself up another rung is what kept him hanging on, day after agonising, endless day even after even Fraiser was convinced he wouldn't make it to each successive sunrise.  But he showed her, all right.  He showed all of us. He hung in.  He made it through. Thank God.

Daniel never gives up.  He'll make it to the roof, the same way he bucked the odds and beat that alien bug trying to kill him.

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"Doctor Jackson, you have not answered my question."


Oh God, what's the matter with me?  What have I been thinking, letting myself zone off like this! What were we talking about?  Question? He asked me a question?  What question?

"Um - Your Grace - I - "

Stupid, Daniel, stupid! Out to sea without a clue and the whole damned deal's on my stupid shoulders.  Way to go, doofus. That's what you get for indulging yourself in a wee mental hissy fit on the SGC's time.  Dammit, focus.  Get past the headache and your petty little ego issues and get back to work.  This really is important, Sam's right to be so excited, if this Jethrit can do half of what she thinks it can and -

"Doctor Jackson?"

Important, this is important, job to do, so come on, Daniel, let's do it - it's just…it's not easy…hard to concentrate and stay on track the way my head…

"I think - that is - I'm - I'm sorry, if I could ask for just - just a moment - "

Dammit, dammit, never mind about the headache, pull yourself together Daniel, I can't blow this, this is important, I have to hang on, as long as it takes to hammer out this treaty. I can do this.  I can.   Muffah is playing little power games with me, making this more complicated than it needs to be but I've dealt with harder cases than him and come out on top. The Dah-nees of Asuwa is strictly amateur hour compared to -

"You seem distressed, my dear Doctor.  Or is it Daniel?  May I call you Daniel?  Perhaps you begin to trust me more, perhaps - ah!  Colonel O'Neill!"

Oh God!  What's wrong with me?  Head…hurts!  Whoa, all of a sudden - don't feel so good.  What - what's going on -

"You'll forgive me for butting in, Your Dahn-i-ness, I apologise if I'm treading on any diplomatic toes, here, barging in on the two of you so hard at it and all, but I'm responsible for Doctor Jackson's well being and making sure he gets his eight hours so he can be bright eyed and bushy tailed at the negotiating table in the morning, so if you'll forgive me, I'm putting an end to this party for the day on account of it's way past Daniel's bed time and you've already made him miss both his lunch and his dinner.  Naughty, naughty!"

Jack!  What are you - b-bed?  It's that late? Oh God, we've been here that long? Lost track of time, again, I - I had no….no idea.  Another day gone - wasted and I'm no closer.

Jack will be furious with me.

Something weird's going on…I feel strange, my entire body feels odd, numb - what's going on - Jack? I can feel him…behind me…standing so close.  That's - that's very odd.  After all this time…distance… why now so close…pressed, pressed up against me -

Hands!  Jack's hands on my shoulders, clutching, squeezing hard.  Such a shock to feel him touch me; it slices through me, hurts - almost - the sensation is so unexpected, it's been so long.

Touching me, Jack's touching me.  Must be the shock, that must be why I feel so strange, why I feel like I'm turning into jelly and am about to slither out of the chair and pool under the table. That has to be what's wrong with me.  Has to be but….

Okay, this is definitely getting creepy. Muffah's fat, fuchsia form is dancing rather disconcertingly all over my field of vision so I blink rapidly several times endeavouring to focus.

Doesn't help.  Blink some more.  Shake my head - and then wish I hadn't as the whole room goes woooooooo Nellie and I'm going over too, look out floor, I'm on my way down.

Oh, maybe not.  Jack's still got me.  Jack's hand; moving to firmly cup my upper arms and hold - hold me in place. All the easier to yell at me, I guess, if I can't run away.  Not going anywhere.  Not leaving the chair.  Hands like steel, holding…keeping…

Want to say - trying to talk - can't seem to - make words - mouth won't - not working right -

"Colonel O'Neill, my most abject apologies for completely monopolising Doctor Jackson."

Muffah's voice.  Like molasses coating my senses. Ick.  Want to push through the confusion, focus on what he's saying but keep getting drawn back to the feel of Jack's hands holding, touching, gripping, not tender, not like I once foolishly hoped, dreamt but still touching, so good after so long even if it doesn't mean….

Doesn't mean a damned thing, Daniel, and it never will.  Deal with it.

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She knew she should leave but she couldn’t move.  Was completely unable to tear her eyes from the man she thought she knew, who had suddenly become someone completely different.  A man in love, a man in anguish, a man in the throes of deep, dark terror for the one he would do anything for and now could do nothing to help.

Daniel’s chest heaved, a deep, gasping sob escaping from him.  His eyelids fluttered and then opened.

Oh God, he’s awake!

“Jack?”  The ragged utterance was barely audible, but the need in it was plain.  The colonel drew closer, moving so Daniel could see him.  See he was there.

“Shhh,” he whispered soothingly, trying to force his features into the semblance of a reassuring smile.  “Here, Danny, I’m here.  Lie still.  Don’t try to talk.“

Daniel’s breathing became laboured as a wave of agony visibly sheered through him; a large tear slipped from his eye and careened down the side of his face.

“This – this really…really….sucks…” he groaned, screwing his eyes shut again as if grimacing could repel the pain assaulting him.  His undamaged hand beat weakly against the colonel’s chest, trying and failing to hook his fingers into the colonel’s shirt as he struggled for an anchor against the seas of pain he was drowning in.

The colonel’s hand closed swiftly over the one reaching out to him; he captured it firmly and crushed it fiercely to his chest.

“I know, love, I know, I know,” the colonel crooned, his voice gentle and tender.

“Sucks,” Daniel affirmed stubbornly.

“I’m here, Danny.  It’ll be all right.”

“P-promise?”  The word rode out of Daniel’s throat on a choking gulp of pain.

“Youbetcha,” the colonel whispered as he leaned closer, brushing his lips softly against Daniel’s forehead, his eyes so terribly tender it hurt to see them.  He continued to lightly, lovingly kiss Daniel’s brow and gently massage the hand tightly clenched in his.

“You’re just saying that,” Daniel started to grin and failed, his brave attempt at levity aborted by yet another assault of agony.

“God!” he cried, trying to suppress the sob crowding his throat.  Jack!”

Sam felt her own throat close with choking sorrow as she saw the colonel momentarily squeeze his eyes shut against the wrenching sounds Daniel was making and then open them again, his face resolutely brave for the sake of the man looking to him for the strength to continue.

“You’ll make it,” he said gently but firmly.  “Hey, have I ever lied to you?”

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"This damned tower had better be worth the effort, that's all I'm saying," Jack grumbled and glared at the top of the hill SG-1 was climbing toward.  "Why do aliens always have to build these oh so damned fascinating we just have to check them out buildings on top of huge, honking hills anyway? Frigging inconsiderate.  And why is it exactly we find this particular structure so damned fascinating again?"

"That's where the energy readings are coming from, Sir," Carter said, tossing a grin at Daniel as he trudged silently beside her, a fondly exasperated smile pulling at his mouth at the latest complaint offered by the constantly carping man behind them.

"It would also seem this tower is the only structure within the area scanned by the UAV to have escaped the almost total destruction of the other urban centres on this world," Teal'c patiently explained as his powerful strides briskly and seemingly effortlessly devoured the difficult ground beneath them and consequently set a pace at least one of his team mates was having personal and not so silent issues with.  "That would seem to indicate the structure enjoyed some sort of protection the cities did not and that, as well as its unique position so close to the gate makes it worthy of investigation."

"Definitely worth checking out in my book, Sir," Carter added.  "The tower is extremely conspicuous, it even seems to be sending out a regular signal almost like a lighthouse beacon which would certainly have drawn attention to it and yet it's completely unharmed while the cities themselves – well, the Goa'uld didn't leave much standing, did they?"

"Or anyone around to tell us exactly what happened here and save us a trip," Jack grunted.  "Whatever went down here – something really pissed the Goa'uld off.  They're not usually quite so hard on the real estate."

  "Indeed," Teal'c rumbled.  "The degree of destruction we have witnessed on this world is most unusual.  As a rule he Goa'uld do not destroy structures constructed by advanced cultures such as this one must have been.  After they have subjugated the population and secured the technology it is customary for them to assimilate and adapt the residents and their cities to their own uses."   The Jaffa passed and took several strides forward before continuing.  "Perhaps the planet was razed as a retaliatory measure."

"Against who? For what?" Jack asked.

"I've been thinking about that," Daniel tossed back over his shoulder to Jack.  "Obviously there were people here once, and now, there aren't.  The natural assumption is of course, the Goa'uld took them all away but I wonder.  I mean, like Teal'c said, if the Goa'uld conquered this planet and relocated the population than why destroy the cities?  I mean, obviously they could, because they did, but since they could they didn't need to.  I agree with Teal'c the Goa'uld don't usually destroy stuff they can use.  It doesn't make sense."

"Why invent the wheel when you can steal someone else's?"  Jack quipped.

"Yeah," Daniel nodded.  "So what happened here?  There's definitely more going on than meets the eye something that set the Goa'uld off, but I have no idea what that could be. But there was something.  Such deliberate, wholesale, systematic destruction, not only is it unusually extravagant but it's just not their style.  Like Teal'c says, they're scavengers and opportunists, not – "

"Maybe they didn't find what they were looking for," Jack said with a shrug.

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Goddamn rat bastards, as soon as I get my hands free every single one of these dirt bags is going to be sorry they were ever born.  Starting with El Scummo over there, the one with the big mouth and the even fatter lip.  Courtesy of yours truly. At least I managed to get one good punch in before Shithead and company took me out.

I can’t believe I let those losers land me.  Crap, I have to be slipping in my old age  - got water on the brain or something.  I don’t care if there were five of them, there’s no way these freakin’ amateurs should have got the drop on me.  If I’d been paying attention, thinking with my brain instead of my….

Yeah, gowan, say it, Jack.  Your dick, flyboy.  You left your brains in your shorts again.  Instead of keeping my mind on business where it should have been it was happily fixated on Daniel’s ass where it definitely had no business being. Even if I wasn’t working.  Which I was.   I was ogling my archaeologist when I should have been watching the room.  Keeping an eye on the players, looking for the signs I should have seen and would have if I’d been looking – there were some Mallik scum buckets crashing the party with intentions of making off with one of the guests of honour.

Which they did.  Oh lucky me.

Dammit, I can’t believe I let myself get that complacent.  This is frigging embarrassing.  I’ve been doing this how long?  Happy, laughing, smiling people – all of that can mean squat in a split second if someone inadvertently puts their foot in it or spits in the wrong dish or whatthefuckever.  There are no guarantees in this crazy business.  I should know that by now.  Do know that.  Yet, I let myself get caught with my pants down.  Metaphorically speaking.  No excuse, Jack, no excuse whatsoever.  You get sloppy, you get stupid, you get shit like this happening to you.  I guess I should consider myself lucky they settled for dropping a sack over my head and beating the crap out of me and didn’t kill me in the bargain.  Now that would have been really embarrassing.

I should get a big whack across the head for this one. Over and above the ones I’ve already gotten, that is.  Yeah, I damn well should.   I should have been paying attention.  Shouldn’t have let the happy smiles and the free booze and Daniel’s ass -  God, that ass…  But I let our success – Daniel’s success -  go to my head, let – let wanting Daniel make me horny and stupid.

Dammit, I’ve got to do something about Daniel, either shit or get off the pot – get my head examined, get the hell out of Dodge before I really screw up – something.  The next time I get sucked into the libidinous zone on company time someone could get killed.

Starting with me.

Actually, in this particular instance I’m probably being a tad melodramatic.  About the getting killed part, that is. Yeah, sure, it doesn’t look great, lured out, bonked on the head, trussed up like a frigging Christmas turkey, thrown on the back of a horse, taken for a wee joy ride and then tossed on this lovely cold, hard ground still hog-tied while these dingdongs run around and try to find their asses or something but other than expiring from embarrassment I don’t think I’m in any danger of having anything more serious happening to me in my immediate future than more horse bouncing once these guys get it together and we start heading off again to wherever it is we’re supposed to be heading off to.  The chief rat boy over there might be slightly ticked off at me because I busted his nose but from what I've overheard – they need me alive.  They think they’re gonna use me to force the SGC to play footsie with their side and help them win this little war they’ve got going with our hosts and new allies – a war said new allies interestingly enough completely forgot to tell us about, mind you – so while the Dirt Bag gang here might rough me up a bit before they deliver me to their bosses they’re not actually allowed to do anything to me too permanent, damaging, disfiguring or fatal.

God, it’s nice to be wanted, isn’t it?

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