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Cover by Marcia
We're delighted to present Reunited, our very first Jack/Daniel Slash Anthology zine.  Contributing writers include JoaG, jaelith tregarth, babs, Debbi C., devra, Findo and Leviathan, as well as fellow JD-Divas Marcia and Biblio.  Most of these extremely talented authors will be familiar to you if you're a member of the Alpha Gate where they are regular and much appreciated story contributors.  We're also very pleased and proud that a couple of the writers showcased in Reunited  are making their inital foray into zine writing in this zine.

We've gathered together a killer collection of great stories for you but don't take my word for it, scroll on down and see for yourself!


Coming Home by JoaG   email:  joag_sg1@hotmail.com

Categories: J/D, ER, Angst, Missing Scene, Spoilers for Fallen, Homecoming
Synopsis:  Daniel remembers.
Rating  PG-13
Warnings:  References to Meridian
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Losing the Archaeologist  by jaelith tregarth  email:  jaelith_tregarth@yahoo.ca 

Categories:  J/D, Angst, Drama, AU
Synopsis:  A very unusual AU story
Rated PG
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All Sad Words  by babs  email: baeckknit@earthlink.net 

Categories:  J/D Romance, Pre-slash, Angst
Synopsis: After Daniel's return to the SGc, he and Jack connect.
Rated G
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Fallen Menace  by Debi C  email:  dcole6@satx.rr.com

Categories: J/D, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Established Relationship
Synopsis: After Homecoming Daniel is beginning to remember things that happened before his Ascension.
Rating  PG-13
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The Lesson  by devra  email:  paravati@optonline.net

Categories: J/D, Established Relationship, Angst, Spoilers for Full Circle and Fallen.
Synopsis:  Daniel discovers the fate of Abydos.  Jack tries to make amends.
Rating G
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Reaching E'melot  by Marcia  email:  mellenbal@sbcglobal.net

Jack/Daniel First Time, Drama, Angst, H/C, A/A, Episode Related -  D&C.

            Categories: First Time, Drama, Angst, Hurt Comfort, A/A, Episode related - D&C
            Synopsis: The Tok'ra High Councillor's host has a dangerous secret, and an even more dangerous interest in Daniel.
            Rating  NC-17

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Recollection  by Findo  email:  sally.allan@btinternet.com

Categories: J/D, Angst, Established Relationship, Episode Tag for Fragile Balance.
Synopsis:  Daniel's back, but he won't take Jack back, so Jack has a talk with himself.
Rating PG-13
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Pearls Are For His Eyes   by  Biblio  email:  biblio@jd-divas.com

Categories: Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Elliot, Character Study, Angst, H/C, Drama, First Time, Episode Related.  Spoilers:  Season Five.  Episode Tag for Proving Ground, Last Stand and missing scenes for Fail Safe.
Synopsis: Silence is not consent.  Daniel has been silent for too long and about far more than Jack ever knew.
Rating NC-17
Warnings:  Non-Consensual Sex.  This story is in parts dark, disturbing and ambiguous. Notes: Pearls are considered in some folklore to have the power to help people see themselves more clearly and to give wisdom through experience
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Triptych  by Leviathan    email:  spottytoes@yahoo.com

Categories: Jack/Daniel, Established Relationship, Angst, H/C, AU, Spoilers for several sixth season episodes.
Synopsis: Three stories which explore an AU version of Daniel's descension from three different viewpoints
Rating NC-17
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Other good Stuff:
Book Antiqua font, 11 point. 431 pages, 159,027 words, 8 megs
25 full colour illustrations (not counting the story headers)
The cover is by Marcia and some lovely collages by Biblio,  and yeah, afraid I've thrown one or two things in there as well. Sorry!

'Losing the Archaeologist' and 'Recollections' are Jaelith and Findo's 'first time' zine stories.  i'm really happy they chose to make their zine debuts with 'Reunited' so send them some lovely feedback so they'll write more!  I'm sure all the writers would appreciate knowing how much you've enjoyed their efforts!  I'm just sayin.....

And now: if you haven't already zipped down and read 'em -  the excerpts...


“Thanks, Jim.”

Daniel regretted the words the instant he said them when he saw the look of pain they caused the older man. His brown eyes just seemed to… dim… and the gentle smile on his face disappeared.

“I’m sorry,” Daniel said quickly, grabbing the bottle of beer Jack had been offering him when he had stupidly opened his mouth. He hadn’t realized purposely calling him ‘Jim’ would have wounded this man who had not only told him they were good friends, but Daniel’s slowly returning memory had confirmed it. It was just the teasing had felt ‘right’, but he’d spoken too quickly and now rued his decision to go along with his gut feeling.

“It’s okay, Daniel,” Jack said as he returned to his seat, taking a swallow of beer before picking up his half-eaten supper.

After putting the bottle on the wooden deck beside him, Daniel wiped the condensation from his hand on his pant legs. “No Jack, really. I just was trying to make a joke; I guess not a really good one at that, huh?”

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“Let’s try an experiment.”  Halliday stretched her hand out across the desk.  “Close your eyes, Colonel.  Close your eyes and take hold of my hand.”

Cautiously, Jack did as he was told.  He felt long fingers, and then a broad palm, callused, warm, and very familiar.  He swore and jerked his hand back.  “That wasn’t you!”

Halliday nodded somberly.  “I could see your hand on mine, but I couldn’t feel it.  I think by now, when you’re dealing with me, you actually have to concentrate on me to keep me real.

“As long as I thought it was just me, I thought getting away from here would help.  I thought it might be a local effect.  If I could get away from the gate, I’d stop dreaming, my metabolism would readjust, and things would get back to normal.  But again – it’s both of us.  Your dreams are getting more vivid and intruding into this reality.  I’m starting to - fade out, I guess you could say.  Not interacting so well with the real world.

“And I’ve just had a couple of scary thoughts I should have had a long time ago.  How long will it take before I can’t drink the water here any more?  Or breathe the air?

“Don’t you see?  Something must have happened over there, in that other universe.  Something must have happened to him.  And whatever it was, it’s weakening the barriers between the worlds, at least as it applies to him and to me.  It’s making him more here and me less here.

“We have to talk to Sam.  I have to get out of here, Colonel.  Or I’m going to die.”

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He remembered cars in a pocket of his brain. He remembered driving for a long time and seeing hazy mountains rise up in the distance and not being sure if they were real or clouds. He remembered this road Sam was driving him along at the moment.

"Daniel?" Sam reached over and rested her hand on his knee. "You okay?"

He nodded. "Fine. I…I remember this."

"This?" She stopped at a traffic light. "The city, the traffic, what?"

"You turn left at the third light," Daniel said with assurance. "That's the way to Jack's house."

"That's exactly right, Daniel." She smiled at him.

Daniel smiled back. "No, it's left." And he was relieved when she laughed for the joke it was.

The remainder of the drive didn't take long and soon they were pulling into Jack's driveway. Daniel hesitated when he got out of Sam's car.

'Not much of a foundation,' a whisper of a voice said in his brain, but he didn't understand what the words meant. The house looked pretty solid to him.  Daniel pulled his bag off the back seat and held it to his chest.  He hadn't been out of the SGC since returning to Earth. This feeling of not quite belonging, though, of walking into new houses with little more than a suitcase, was a familiar one. He'd read his own history on base. Parents killed in a tragic accident when he was eight, a series of foster homes. He supposed that was where the pain came from, buried deep in his psyche. But something else was tugging at him, telling him even though he wasn't capable of understanding it yet, he'd truly come home.

"Come on," Sam said. She wrapped an arm around his waist, urging him forward. "I'm hungry."

The door was thrown open as they walked up the front walk.

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He was warm, warmer than he'd been for a long time, and someone's arms were around him, holding him, touching him. It felt…he searched for a word and could only come up with good. It felt good. Daniel opened his eyes and saw grey beyond his nose. An arm was wrapped around his chest, keeping him from moving. His early morning sluggish thinking gave way to understanding as Daniel noticed the table, the coffee mugs, the empty pie plate, and realized the arm around him was male.

"Jack," Daniel said, just because he could and because he liked the sound of that name from his lips. Daniel closed his eyes, ignoring the light creeping into the room. He took a deep breath. Jack smelled of cedar and sandalwood and coffee. He recognized the scents, associating them with a tent and visions of worlds that didn't resemble Earth at all. Memories assaulted his senses and Daniel gripped Jack's arm, riding them out as if he was caught in an undertow and being sucked away from shore.

The arm tightened around him, Jack murmuring, "I'm here." It was enough. Daniel found himself able to breathe again, and he relaxed his hand. He moved his fingers up Jack's arm, the silvery hairs under his fingertips softer than he expected. When he'd been found naked in the meadow, everything hurt. He hadn't been able to bear being touched, and kept himself away from the villagers, unable to explain the visions he had, knowing somehow he would only bring pain to them.

Pain...how many people had he hurt? Daniel pushed himself up, ignoring Jack's grunt as his hand came down on the other man's stomach. Weapons, shooting, standing before a tank filled with Goa'uld larvae and killing them, his hate strong, and then pain, pain, pain. A woman he loved staring at him, a ribbon device in her hand, wanting to kill him. Drowning in his own bodily fluids and unable to tell Jack everything he needed to say.  He had to get out.

Daniel bolted out of Jack's embrace, running to the bathroom and falling to his knees before the toilet, trying to expel the memories but only bringing up bile and then dry heaving when nothing else remained.  Then a hand touched his hair, a wet washcloth was placed on the back of his neck, Jack knelt beside him, so close Daniel felt his body heat. Toilet paper was pressed into his hand and Daniel wiped his mouth. He sat back, resting the side of his head on the cool tiles of the wall. He opened one eye, wondering if Jack was still there.

"Nightmare?" Jack asked, handing him a cup of water.

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Jack had been enjoying his solitary exploration of Daniel’s playground, so when his sixth sense alerted him to something not quite kosher in this cinderblock office, a slew of silent curses traipsed through his mind. With a caution so exaggerated it bordered on laughable, Jack replaced the artifact cupped in his hands to its resting place on the shelf. Jack’s narrowed eyes surveyed the room, his body alert as he assessed the situation, irritated at the disappearance of the peace he had experienced only moments before.

Jack’s gaze was drawn to Daniel’s desk, the focal point of the room. It was a military regulation metal desk; a simple cluttered piece of furniture was scaring the crap out of him. An inanimate object in a room full of inanimate objects was sending its siren song to Jack, wagging its fingers, demanding closer investigation by the Colonel.

Jack paced the length of the desk, annoyed at his inability to categorize the "wrongness" of this scenario. There was nothing out of the ordinary about the haphazardly strewn papers, books and folders on the desk; the coffee cups, empty commissary plates, crumpled Starbucks’ wrappers littering its surface, all were typical indicators of "Daniel works here." Hel-lo, maybe he'd spoken too soon. Jack’s nostrils flared, the odour of vomit assaulting him as he approached the furthest corner of the desk. He leaned forward and warily eyed the garbage can where it would seem Daniel had recently lost his lunch.

"Gross," Jack grunted as he backtracked to the opposite side of the desk, his own stomach threatening retaliation if he didn’t immediately distance himself from the smell.

Jack swallowed a number of times to quell his nausea and for good measure counted to ten before he picked up the phone, which lay half buried under books and papers on the archaeologist’s desk. Cradling the receiver between his left shoulder and chin, Jack punched in the numbers that would connect him to the infirmary and waited impatiently for Fraiser to answer. He righted a cup whose contents had spread over a pile of papers on the desk sighing with exasperation as he pulled a wad of tissues from the ever-present box.

“Is Dr. Jackson there?’" Jack asked. He had no patience for the stammering nurse that answered the phone. "Get me Dr. Fraiser," Jack ordered as he began to blot at the spill of coffee with the tissues until the papers hidden beneath the cold, brown liquid were revealed. Oh crap…

With shaking hands Jack severed the connection to the infirmary and dialled the extension to the final checkpoint.

"Damn it!" Jack bellowed into the receiver, taking no pity on the airman who bore the brunt of the Colonel’s anger. "Damn it," he reiterated softly in a voice tinged with anger and sorrow as the airman informed him for a second time Dr. Jackson had signed out over 90 minutes ago.

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“Come to Su’ryala with me, Daniel.”

Daniel’s eyebrows shot upward.  This, he heard.  “I beg your pardon?  Excuse me, but could you - ” Daniel pulled more forcefully, and at last, Callum reluctantly released him.

“Come with me,” Callum repeated, seemingly unmindful of the impulsive nature of his request.  He rose from his chair excitedly and began to pace before Daniel.

“Are you serious?”  Daniel also stood and backed away from him, rubbing his mildly chafed wrists and well aware the other man was between him and the door.

“There is much to learn,” Callum continued.  “I was able to save most of my library and my artifacts.”  He stopped and smiled at Daniel, enthusiastic over his own suggestion.  “They are all quite fascinating, Daniel.  I am certain much of my collection would be of strategic and historical interest to the Tau’ri.”

“Um, I’m sure it is,” Daniel said evenly.  “But you have no Stargate – er, Chappa’ai.  How would you get there?”
Callum did not answer, seemingly lost in thought.

Daniel bit his lip.  What the hell was going on here?  What exactly was this man expecting of him?  And who was Val?  “May I speak to Councillor Per’sus, please?” he asked, but Callum wasn’t listening.  Daniel watched warily as the man resumed his animatedly pacing.

“Did you know it is theorized the first Tok’ra was the result of a blend with a Demadi and a Goa’uld?”

“Er, no.”  Daniel scrambled to think.  Callum's secrets aside, this was getting creepy.  He needed to get the hell out of there.  “That's fascinating and I'm looking forward to learning more of your race's history.  Um, perhaps some other time.  I just remembered, I have an appointment”, he stammered, trying not to sound as anxious as he felt. A quick glance up at the security camera told him it was not operating.  Cautiously, he started to edge his way around the other man and toward the door.

The slight grin on the Tok’ra host’s face told him Callum knew what he was trying to do.  Daniel stopped moving, eyeing his adversary who simply and eerily continued to talk.  “You could learn so much from my historical archives and could share it with your government.”

“Where’s Councillor - ” Daniel started to desperately demand but before he could finish his sentence, he felt the edges of his vision begin to cloud.  He stopped and blinked a few times.

“You seek answers about the Demadi, including how we are able to resist the Goa’uld.  This is an opportunity you find irresistible and you’re considering it.”
“Well, of course I- I'm – considering it,” Daniel said, unnerved.  He swayed momentarily and planted a hand against the wall.  “It’s just I have other... I have - this is - this is not a good -  It’s not, ummm...”  Crap.  What the hell was he trying to say?

“There is nothing to fear, Daniel.”  Callum’s quiet voice was soothing as it blended into the swirling, tranquil warmth infusing his thoughts and his apprehensions abruptly retreated into nothingness.  Callum was making a very sensible, reasoned case for his going with him to his planet.  One he should take him up on, no question.  It sounded like a beautiful place, with so much to see and to learn.

Callum’s voice continued to intone, drifting serenely through the haze, speaking of the wonders of ancient temple ruins, thousands of years of Demadi culture, and how the Tok’ra came to be a part of their civilization.  Daniel was becoming more and more captivated by the idea of acquiring more knowledge about the Demadi.  He certainly couldn’t do it here on Earth; it would be more practical to go there.  He should go.  He should.  There was no reason for him not to.  Nothing...

But wait, that wasn't right.  There was... there was -   What about his team and his responsibilities to the SGC?

What about Jack?

“Everything has been arranged, Daniel.  General Hammond is agreeable to a cultural exchange.  We can leave immediately.”

Daniel didn’t question how this man knew what he was thinking.  His mind was suddenly tired and yet moving too fast, crammed with ideas and theories that could be  explored. But it was still -   This was too much, too soon.  Hammond had agreed to this?  How?  When?

Callum was now standing beside Daniel.  He placed his hand on Daniel's shoulder and suddenly everything became clear.  The General needed him to go with Callum in order to acquire new information and technologies to defend the Earth against the Goa’uld.  This was important and would only take a few weeks of his time.  And Su’ryala sounded like a wonderful place to relax and step back from all his troubles here on Earth.

“Come with me to Su’ryala, Daniel.  All will be well, you will see.”

Daniel smiled at Callum, no longer troubled by anything – not the fog curling tenuously through his thoughts, nor the idea of going to Callum’s home world.  He was feeling very relaxed.  And tired.  Very tired.  He should probably rest, take a nap.  Yes, a short nap sounded like a good idea...

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Daniel’s office smells like paper, coffee and stale cookies. Since he’s been back everyone keeps giving him cookies, as though he won’t leave again if he gets enough double choc chip and pecan.

They sit in his office rejected and untouched.

I know how they feel.

“Jack, I need some time. I need to remember…”

“So come home with me. I’ll show you everything you need to know.”

I pull Daniel in close, but he steps back and raises his hands in protest.

“Jack, I don’t just mean about us. I mean everything. Who I am, what I am, what I’ve done with my life. There’s too much that’s still fuzzy and I don’t want to make any big decisions until I’ve figured it out some more.”

“What decisions?” I protest, “You said you remembered enough.  We’re together, Daniel! We love each other...”

Yet again I see the doubt on his face and I’m sick with disappointment.

It’s been like this ever since he got back; he told me he knew we’d been together, and I was so relieved, but then it all went wrong. I just want him home with me where he belongs but he’s pushing me away, and I can’t stand it. I spent a year trying to keep myself together with memories of Daniel and how much we loved each other. Teal’c told me Daniel remembered Sha’re and how much he cared for her. If Daniel knows we were together, if he remembers us, why doesn’t he want to be with me?

I turn and walk out of his office, and when he calls me I don’t even look back.

The next time I see him, we end up on some Asgard ship with a skinny little grey guy who looks like Thor, and a skinny little pink guy who looks like me.

So someone else has been living my life for a week? Right now he’s welcome to it.

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James had already re-filled the glass three times and was having no trouble keeping pace.  Daniel's sensuous pleasure in the bourbon was such a turn-on to him, he needed a little something himself to take the edge off.  He was hard enough to hurt, a sweet ache in his balls, heat in his belly, a good, familiar pain.  There was tingling pleasure for him in the way his body was slowly tensing in anticipation of the sex. 

It more than made up for the fact Daniel was maddeningly elusive and the only way James was learning anything about him was by bringing up O'Neill himself.  He had to admit it was paying off.

Daniel was melting, his eyes closing as he savoured mellow caramel silk sliding down his throat.  He only smiled when he saw James sitting there watching him, watching now more than he was talking, waiting for the moment he knew would come.  The first hurdle was cleared.  Daniel wasn't freaking because James was attracted to him.  He was packing a serious boner in his jeans and Daniel was as close to him as before, closer, even.  Comfortable.

"Your friend?" James prompted, keeping his tone light, smiling as Daniel tilted his head to rest against the cushions heaped behind him.



Daniel opened his eyes, blinking in confusion at this.

"The two of you are?" James explained incoherently, waving a vague hand, feeling a little of the bourbon buzz and thinking Daniel's eyes were like sky.  Summer sky.  They had just that heat and light.

"Same.  Jack 'n' me.  The same."

"Not that I could see."

"Together," Daniel promised, holding out his glass invitingly.
James poured another generous shot for them both, his hand and the bottle trembling.

"Always together," Daniel murmured, his face serene.

"You love him."  Of course Daniel loved him.  That was why he put up with O'Neill's shit the way he did.  He just didn't have a clue O'Neill wanted to bend him over and fuck him blind.

Daniel only smiled.

"Want him?"

"Questions, questions," Daniel complained, rolling the bourbon in his crystal glass and then beatifically over his tongue.

"Do you?" James persisted.

"All o' the time.  Always Jack.  My friend."  Daniel said this with such serene pleasure it hurt. 

"Is he good to you?"
"He's Jack.  Jus' Jack.  My Jack."  Daniel breathed in the rich scents in his glass.

"Yours," James sighed heavily.  "Can he kiss you?"

Daniel frowned over this, pouting. 

Swallowing hard, James reached out to brush his thumb tenderly over the bourbon-sleek lips.  Daniel's fingers stroked over his, slipped a little, then closed around his hand, took it down to rest on his knee.

"Can Jack kiss you?"  Firm muscle was hot beneath his hand.  He was close, so close to having what he wanted.  He felt it.  Daniel was close.

"Kiss?" Daniel's tongue slid savouringly over his lush lower lip.  "Mmm."  He closed his eyes, sinking deeper into the embrace of the cushions.

His heart pounding, James slid off the couch, kneeling before Daniel, resting both hands on his knees.

"Ever wanted a man?" he asked, breathlessly intense.


"If this was Jack?" James murmured, transfixed by the radiant face, slowly stroking his hands back and forth over Daniel's thighs, feeling the thin fabric bunch beneath his palms and slip easily over sleek muscles.  Desire panged sharp and sullen in his groin.  "Jack here with you.  Imagine him."


James spread his fingers, drawing his thumbs along Daniel's inner thighs.  He nudged Daniel's knees apart, and leaned in between them.  "Jack touching you.  Wanting you."  He cupped the soft curve between Daniel's legs, rubbing gently. 

Daniel rolled his head against the cushions, sighing as his cock swelled beneath James's coaxing hand.  "Jaaack," he breathed.

"Want you, Daniel," James whispered.  "Here for you." 

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Birth was the sound of glass splintering.

Birth was the sensation of gravity, establishing its tyranny over all things in its realm.

Birth was blinding white.

Birth was the taste of flesh on my lips - salty and earthy.

Birth was the smell of sweat, cloth, flesh.

My mind started with a vengeance.  But it was trapped inside my skull, unable to function.  Far away I heard a sound, but it didn't make sense.  Something within me told me I was safe, that I would not be hurt, but I could not reach for it.  It just washed over me along with all the other assaults that flowed over me.

I swam in sensation and could not wake.

I could feel everything that happened to me - hands moving over me, voices whispering near and far, something that was draped on me before gravity's tyranny was broken by another.  I floated insensate away from where I had been to somewhere warmer.  Light stabbed my eyes, but the experience was so new, so raw that I could not ignore it.  I couldn't ignore any of the stimuli.  I needed to reach these things.

My mind spiralled in a weird void.  Unable to reach out, unable to articulate, something told me that I needed to move, needed to reach outside of the confines of my skin and into the world where the stimuli existed.  I could not bridge the gap.

Then, suddenly, everything was shockingly cold, whirling and I felt a state of non-being familiar and unfamiliar.  The cold ended and new sensations struck me.  Just as I was attempting to sort them out, the world went away completely.

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