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Yadda Press is please to announce it's latest release.  In our new ebook format.

I've decided to try and join the 21st century in both presentation and format.  Parallels will be the first launch in a new line of graphics-light story first ebooks available strictly for download in the most popular file/multi-device compatible formats.
The graphics-light ebooks will be formatted more along the lines of a traditionally published book than a zine, also priced accordingly.

(update: after much labour accompanied by swearing, crying and begging have managed to produce the mobi and the epub files.  For the most part epub file looks pretty good, mobi one, looks and reads great only can't get the cover to show up. Still working on it. Wah. Back to our regularly scheduled blurb)

Let's face it, while I might be a passable writer a graphic artist I am not. And considering Yadda has evolved into a self-publishing effort mostly featuring my work, I've decided to focus on the writing and leave the graphics to those more talented than I. I'm  sorry if I can't whip up whizzy covers, I hope what comes after more than compensates.

Which brings me around to our first offering.  A novella entitled Parallels by PhoenixE.  (me!) This novella is a continuation of the Holiday Follies series.  However, it only barely references the previous stories and can completely stand alone and be enjoyed without reading the other stories.  But seeing as how they are available online for free and are a pretty good read (if you don't mind me saying so) I don't see why you wouldn't want to check them out if you haven't already read them, or give them another look if you have.  Hey, something to read while you're waiting!)

You can find the first story in the series here.  The Luck of the Irish   The stories are all linked together or can be accessed from my author index page on JD Divas.

So without further ado we'll move on to more info about the novella itself.

And yes, once again, apologies about the crappy cover. (see above!)  Story is much better.

Read on and enjoy!

The  ebook

Single Column, 12 point Book Antiqua Font.  98 Pages.   33,876 words.  ebook will be available in pdf, epub and mobi formats.  Overall rating PG-13.

Parallels by PhoenixE

    Category:   Alternate Reality, Established Relationship, Angst, Drama, Character Study, Romance, Atlantis Cross-Over, (well, it’s blink and you’ll miss it, but it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to writing a crossover) Sam-friendly.  Surprise!


    Rating:  PG-13


    Series:   Holiday Follies.  Sixth Story


    Season/Spoilers:   Alternate season 8. Jack is a general, in charge of the SGC and Janet is still alive and in full charge of the infirmary.  Spoilers for about a dozen different episodes over the course of the series I’m not gonna list because it would take too long.  Have fun picking them out.


    Warnings:   Slight Language Warning.


    Notes:    This series started out with a drabble and was originally about holidays.  It’s since turned into something quite different, an intensive character study of Sam and the complex triangle between Sam, Daniel and Jack. This is the penultimate story in the series.  Meaning, yes, one more completes the set. Like the others in this series this story can stand alone. Not necessary to read what came before in order to understand this one, but they are available fer free on JD Divas if you wanna!




    Synopsis:   Daniel finally discovers he’s not the only Daniel in the universe and meets a Sam he never suspected.

The Preview

“They check out, Sir.” Janet snaps her file folder shut. “Their DNA checks out. They’re you, all right.”

“Satisfied, now?” Not-my Jack wearily demands from the opposite end of the briefing room table.

“Why yes, I am. Colonel,” my Jack jauntily responds. “You’ll forgive me for exercising my prerogative of making damned sure you’re not lying your asses off.”

“No, no, it’s fine. I’d do exactly the same in your place… General.” The colonel sighs and scrubs a weary hand across his eyes. God, he looks like death burned to a crisp. He's only hanging on by his fingernails. “Though it’s pretty weird to see you in his place,” he finishes, his voice rasping like crushed gravel.

The him he’s talking about? I think he means… me? But that doesn't make sense, what he was saying.  He was looking at Jack while he was saying it but talking about me.

His place, my place, whose place?

What’s that supposed to mean?

“Colonel.” The colonel’s Carter leans in to him, touching him on the shoulder. “Sir, are you okay?”

There’s something so casually familiar about the gesture, not only the easy way she touches him, but how he leans into it and her like he not only accepts it, but needs it....

The wrenching intimacy implicit in a simple tactile expression of concern nearly knocks me off my chair. I don't know what shakes me more; it is so damned intimate, or it feels so wrong to—to watch it.

I’ve barely had time to recover from the first reality rock when I spy the second glinting on the ring finger of the same hand before it’s immediately covered by the colonel’s reaching over to give it a reassuring pat.

“I’m fine, Sam,” he murmurs, wrapping his fingers around her hand, with the hidden ring and squeezing it.

Her LEFT hand.

Band. Wedding Band.

He called her Sam….

I feel like all the air has been sucked out of my lungs. I am not seeing what I have just seen. This Sam is wearing a wedding band. She’s married.


But… who?

I can’t help it; I have to look at the first obvious place. The fingers of the colonel. No joy there, he’s sporting a pair of those shamelessly sexy fingerless gloves Jack used to wear out in the field. I say used to, because I had to beg him to stop because, well, they were too damned distracting. I mean, seriously. You have no idea what those things do to me. It was getting so bad all he had to do was take them out of his locker and…well…

Now he only wears them at home. Just them. Occasionally, with motorcycle boots. And a hat…..

But um… where was I? Back up the panic attack; Sam might be married but that doesn’t mean… Of course it doesn’t, and it simply couldn’t be him! That Jack. She wouldn’t still be on SG-1, under him—I mean, on his team—if he were—if they were…

Conjugally conjoined.

Would she?

“Daniel?” My Jack nudges me under the table. “You okay there, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

I come back to Earth with a sudden lurch. I’ve been hunched forward in my chair, staring down at the table and my clenched fists. Way to draw attention to yourself, Daniel.

“No I’m – I’m…fine.”

I’m burbling.  I know it, can’t help it, but after all this time Jack expects it from me so I think I’m okay, that is until I give a quick glance to the rest of my team.  Jack to my left, Teal’c on my right and Sam on the other side of Jack. They’re all staring at me, no doubt wondering if I’ve popped a blood vessel or something. Looking at me, not the other team.

Or her. Or—or—


They didn’t see it. I’m the only one on our side who caught it.

I’m the only one who knows.

This is stupid, I don’t know why I’m suddenly scared to look at her, like if I do, somehow she’ll know I’m on to her. Why should she care if I’ve noticed her raggedy old ring.  She doesn’t even know me.  At least not this version of me, anyway. Listen to me, making it sound like it's some kind of crime she's—what she is. What's the problem? So, she’s married? So what? She’s got a perfect right to be…that. If she wants.

For that matter why the hell do I care if she is or isn't? Or suddenly feel like I want to throw up?

Forget that, who the hell is Mr. Carter?

Wait a minute; I don't think that's right.

My glance slides further down the table 'til it touches the colonel’s Sam. She’s watching me intently, a slight frown gently bruising her brow. Her eyes widen, cutting down to the hand still covered by the colonel’s before returning to me. A small, wistful smile touches her mouth; her eyes soften with sympathy and she inclines her head slightly toward me. When she withdraws the betraying hand from the colonel’s arm she quickly drops it to her lap.

Out of sight. Therefore sure not to cross anyone else’s mind.


Our secret…

She didn’t come out and say it, but there’s no mistaking the meaning in the amused sparkle in her blue eyes.


“Okay.” Jack leans forward, rests his forearms on the table and laces his fingers together. “For the benefit of those who were not in the gate room when you “popped in”—which would be mostly Daniel—lay it out for us, would you please?”

“Popped… in, Sir?” Sam pipes up.

“Yeah, apparently there’s another Thor up there too. He zapped Sparky and his gang into our gateroom and then parked his ride on the other side of the moon while we—and by “we” I mean I—make up my mind whether or not we’re going to help them.”

“How is that possible?” Our Sam immediately looks to her other self as the only other credible source of information in the room. “For that matter, how did you even get here? The inter-dimensional portal in this universe no longer exists.”

“Yeah,” Jack drawls, scratching the side of his nose while studying his mirror-but-slightly-subordinate’s image mutely enduring his mildly provocative tactics and more than slightly insulting nicknames. “I was kinda wondering that myself. Not only how in the hell a ship that big could fit through that itty bitty mirror, but we blew it up six years ago.”

A muscle twitches in the colonel’s cheek, his grey haggard face virtually devoid of any other expression.

“Your idea, of course.” He directs his comment at Jack, his worn voice cracking with barely restrained sarcasm.

“You would think that, wouldn’t you?” Jack proudly grins. “But, actually, no. Regretfully that was one big bang I can’t take credit for.”

Dammit, why is Jack being such an ass to himself? Aside from the obvious fact he can, that is. Surely even he can see the colonel’s just about done. The man looks like he’s been through several kinds of hell I don’t even want to know about and he's long past the point where even his stubbornness should have failed him. The man is running on sheer dumb doggedness. The desolation in those dark eyes goes soul-deep; an invisible deluge of pain is weeping out of practically every pore. It hurts me to look at him. Though no explanations as yet have been offered as to what's brought them here and him to this terrible, desperate edge all you have to do is look at him to know it's bad.

Really bad.

“What makes you think the dimensional portal you destroyed was the only one in this universe or any other?” Major Sam patiently explains. “Or one couldn’t be created of a sufficient size to permit the DanielJackson to make the crossing?”

Ewww! I hate that name! Why couldn’t Thor have given into Jack and called it the Enterprise?

“Soooo, he named it that… there… too, did he?” Jack chews his lower lip. “I was kinda hoping, in at least one other universe, maybe he’d give the O'Neill another go—”

“We’re wasting time, here!”

The colonel suddenly roars, surging to his feet, his face mottling with frustrated fury.

“Colonel!”  The major urgently attempts to sooth him, grabbing for his arm in an effort to restrain him.

“Save it—Sam—“ The colonel snarls, violently wrenching free of her grasp. “We didn’t search through hundreds of different realities and butt heads with just about as many butt-head versions of myself to be jerked around by yet another one! Now we’ve finally found a Daniel—“


The other Teal’c lends his stern admonishment to Sam’s attempts to calm their increasingly distraught companion. The colonel isn’t buying it. Whatever diminishing internal resource he’s been relying on to restrain himself, well, he’s fresh out.

“Yeah, he’s your Daniel,” he rages at Jack. “We get that, okay? Now, let me tell you something, General, you thank your lucky stars you’ve got him and he’s safe and here, right beside you and not lying in some stasis pod only inches away from the most horrible stinking death you could possibly imagine, the seconds of what’s left of his life hanging in the balance while you scour the fucking multi-verse searching for the one and only thing that’ll save him and while you’re at it, get down on your sorry, gimpy knees and pray you’ll never have to know what that feels like, you won’t ever have to deal with knowing he’s rotting in goddamned Asgard limbo because some pompous, fatuous ass whose stars have gone to his head needs to prove how much better he is than you!”

The astonishing, terrifying tirade comes to an abrupt halt; the colonel suddenly utters a strangled groan before tumbling forward onto the table, insensate and inert.

“Crap,” Jack mutters, his face shocked and pale.


If you wanna read more, you've got to get the ebook!



Important New Information

You may only buy this ebook if you are of legal age in your country.

When placing your order be sure to specify that you want the "Parallels" ebook.
 I am currently only offering this ebook in the download format only.
At this time I am no longer able to provide a print copy of zines. My on demand printer has retired.  Working on it!

eBook (pdf, epub and mobi files) : $5 US



And thank you very, very much for your order!

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