A New Zine Experience
(Strictly Stargate SG-1, unabashedly slash, exclusively Jack/Daniel)


I don't remember who or when it was first suggested to my I do a 'Greatest Hits' sort of zine (or at least a writer's choice), but it was a while ago, and since then, I've received a few more requests, so I finally figured, what the hey, why not go for it.  So I have, and here it is. 

It's been quite a trip down memory lane.  Funny thing, going back and refurbishing old friends isn't as easy as it sounds - in fact, when faced by the evidence of just how far away you've come from where you once were when certain things were written, it's a little painful.  But I've done it, gone rooting through archives for original part 0s for additional insights - through the comments they contain, to what I was thinking and feeling at the time these tales were written (and in at least one instance was surprised to discover my memory about certain facts was not quite accurate). What follows are my personal favourites, lovingly refurbished, a few nips and tucks, one or two story points strengthened, some new bits here and there, all illustrated and annotated with comprehensive story notes. The table of contents contains all the notes and comments from the original Part 0's when the stories were first posted, as well as the dates when the stories first debuted.  I've also thrown a couple of little extras I hope you will find as amusing as I do.  

Thanks for coming with me on this journey, I couldn't have done any of it without you!

The Zine

Single Column version: Story notes 9 point Garamond, Stories 12 point Book Antiqua Font.   432 pages, 175,902 words. Over 30 full colour illustrations. Cover by Marcia. Overall rating NC-17.

Double Column 'Print' Version: Story notes 9 point Garamond, Stories 12 point Garamond Font. 316 pages.  Number of words and illustrations essentially the same.  Same content, just in a double-column format which will also be available to those purchasing downloads or the CD version.  The single column version is easier to read on the screen but for those of you (like me) who like to print it out this will save you some paper and ink! 

The Stories

 Jack/Daniel. First time, Angst, Drama, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort. Set sometime in the fourth season.  A few spoilers for CotG.  Passing reference to Nemesis.  Blink and you'll miss it.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Some rather intense stuff, including violence.
Desperate times evoke desperate emotions

J/D, First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Drama, Action/Adventure. Set sometime in Season Five.  Bigtime spoilers for the Light, The First Ones and Show and Tell.  References to FIAD, Legacy, the Movie, SE, CS, Ascension and a couple of others I can't remember. 
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, major angst, open season on OMC's, plots and intrigue, sex.  
A tangled tapestry of events brings Jack and Daniel to a moment of truth 

Past Dues 
J/D, First Time, Angst, Romance. Post-Menace.  Spoilers for FIAD, Threshold. 
Rating: R
Warnings: Angst.  Major angst. 
On the eve before his birthday Daniel makes a decision to change his life.  Jack messes up his plans. 

Worst Nightmare
J/D, First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Drama, Action/Adventure. Romance. Believe it or not, spoiler-free. Set sometime in Season Five I suppose. 
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, language.  Lots and lots of language.  Woof!  Jack is a real potty mouth in this one.  He's got cause.  
Jack and Daniel have a date.  Complications ensue.  Naturally. 

Focal Point
J/D, Established Relationship, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort.  Season Four, no spoilers
Rating: R
Desperation, darkness, Daniel and the colour brown.

What's in a Name 
Gen, Angst, J/D friendship, Hurt/Comfort.  Post Broca Divide.  Spoilers for Broca Divide.
Written in response to an H/C list First Person POV challenge.  A little experiment with the first person.  The title says it all.

Angst, J/D Established Relationship, Hurt/Comfort, Drama.  Fourth Season Post the Light.  Spoiler-free.  
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Some Language, naughty bits.  Intense in places.
Peril, salvation, uncertainty, conflict, life, love and a pact


Anything But the Truth
Jack and Daniel.  Pre-slash, Bigtime Angst, Fourth Season a little after Beneath the Surface. 
Rating: PG-13
Jack hasn't exactly been himself recently.  This is the reason why.

All I Ever Wanted          
Angst, J/D Pre-slash. Fourth Season a little after Beneath the Surface.
Rating: PG
Daniel deals with the after-math of the off-world incident and contemplates his future.

No One But You          
Angst, J/D First Time.  Fourth season, a little after Beneath the Surface.
Rating: NC-17
Jack faces the most important decision of his life.


Hide and Seek
Jack/Daniel Angst, First Time  H/C, Drama, Action/Adventure Third Season, huge Spoilers for FIAD.  
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
A day in paradise suddenly turns into a nightmare as Jack struggles to free Daniel from a dangerous influence from his past.


Two humble offering that have never appeared on the net.  The first, a little tale called Souls, which has been one of my best kept secrets (and for good reason), and was also my first slash story.  Written for our very own Rowan way back when as a gift, slightly...um...improved - but not all of the inadvertently hysterical bits edited out - for inclusion in this zine, this version never before seen by anyone, including Rowan.  The second little gift from me to you, in its un-adulterated and dubious glory, is the original gen Epilogue from Hide and Seek, exactly as it appeared in Gateways 3 and up until now seen by those who've seen the zine.  Trust me, this howler had me in stitches when I looked it up again.  Definitely worth checking out for the amusement value alone!



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